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About Healing Hands Massage

Welcome to Healing Hands Massage, my name is Kate Johnson and I am the owner and primary therapist.

Becoming a massage therapist was natural choice for me. I have been passionate about holistic health care and healthy nutrition since I was a young adult. My desire to make food and health care needs as natural as possible was given fuel during the 15+ years that I stayed home raising and homeschooling my three children. What a gift that was to me, on many levels.

During this time, I had great space to learn about and to cultivate fresh organic herbs, fruits and vegetables. Some astounding truths were discovered regarding the foods we eat. Such as, some of the growing practices that are used and where food in our local stores come from. Also, how food can affect the normal functions of our body and it's overall health and even cause and/or exacerbate disease. In addition, there are foods and herbs that can help to prevent discomfort, inflammation and disease, and that can promote healing and good health. Somewhere along the way, massage therapy, as a way of helping to heal, came into my consciousness. It brewed there for some time, until I embarked on my quest to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. I received my education at The American Spirit Institute in Richmond.

I have received extensive education in many modalities, and continue this study into bodywork, as it is an ongoing process. Massage is fascinating in it's ability to help people to live more peacefully, with less discomfort in their bodies, either by managing pain, relieving stress, or by releasing movement restrictions that muscle tension and/or injury can cause.

I consider it an honor to offer this therapeutic experience for your health. My goal with each client, is to listen, to provide the space for one to slow down, to let the body relax and receive the massage therapy your body needs.