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Client Testimonials:

"Kate is a fabulous gifted massage therapist! Her hours are also flexible. I highly recommend her." - JoEllen D.

"Excellent therapist. Very thorough. Very Positive experience." - Jerrie T.

"I used to be a Certified Massage Therapist and I searched for years someone who listened to my body and what it needed to heal. I found that with Kate. She is fantastic!! I would recommend her to anyone!" - Abigail B.

"I had a 60-minute massage with Kate. She was wonderful! This was my first experience with massage and it certainly won't be my last. Kate made me feel completely comfortable and explained everything to me along the way." - Amanda N.

"Kate is a wonderful massage therapist. She takes the time to listen and her knowledge of technique required for different muscle groups is amazing. She will make you feel brand new!" - Katy P.

"Kate is exceptionally gifted and possesses a comprehensive knowledge of many disciplines of massage therapy. She helps give me greater flexibility and less pain by using Therapeutic Massage on my degenerative arthritic joints and connected muscles. I go twice a month like clockwork." - Vicki H.

"Kate did massage on me when she was first starting her business. For someone like me with a hectic life and all over/all the time pain, she gave me some comfort that made me not want to get off her table. I highly recommend her for your massage therapy needs." - Syndi P.

"There is no better way to describe Kate Johnson’s massage than “healing hands,” and I knew from the start that her training and skills were above average. I don’t know how she does it, but Kate is able to find and relieve every aching knot without even asking if there’s a problem area. I don’t want to miss a single appointment – it’s a gift from me to me." - Gail S.

"Kate, than you so very much. I did not know how badly I needed massage. May GOD truly bless you and the gift that he has given you." - M. Jackson.

"Kate is very good at what she does. She has very strong hands & really gets to those sore muscles." - J.C.

"Kate gives the best and most thorough massage I have ever received . She is very intuitive as to where those sore muscles are located without having to ask." - Rick O.